Commitment to our Client Famlies

1.    The advice we provide to you and your family will always be in your best interest.

2.    We will provide you and your family a fiduciary standard of care.

3.    We are a fee only advisers we receive no compensation from anyone other than directly from our client families.

4.    We disclose to you all potential conflicts of interest.

5.    Our advice to you and your family is based on the latest academic research not opinions.

6.    We provide a high level of personal attention. Each client family’s fact situation is examined by an independent team of professional expert advisors from different disciplines.

7.    We don’t sell products only advice.

8.    We invest our own personal funds in the same or comparable assets we recommend to you.

9.    We develop your investment plan so that is integrated into estate, tax and risk management plans that are tailored to your unique situation.

10.    Our advice is always goal oriented, evaluating each and every decision not in isolation, but in terms of its impact on the likelihood of success of the overall plan.

11.    Our comprehensive wealth manage services are provide in a consultative manner by a team of independent individuals with expertise and professional credentials in many different disciplines (like tax planning, estate planning, casualty and property insurance, risk management, real estate etc. etc).