Fiduciary Oath

“I am a professional.  I will never betray that trust and confidence my clients bestow in me.” 

    - Vic Hess

What having a fiduciary advisor means to you:

  • Advisors shall always act in good faith and in the best interests of their clients.
  • Advisors shall undertake to avoid all conflicts of interests.  Instances where conflicts of interests may exist, advisors shall be proactive in disclosures of any conflicts of interests that may affect that client.

Vic Hess is a fiduciary financial advisor.  As a fiduciary he is looking out for your best interest. We believe that you should expect the advice you receive to be objective. We understand that clients should be able to place their trust and confidence in their financial advisors.  Being a fiduciary financial advisors means you can trust Vic Hess.

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